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Advanced Solutions

Prospex revamped – AI solution to revolutionise Sales and Marketing

By Fountech Ventures
October 24, 2019

From education and law to insurance and sales and marketing(SaM), Fountech has been busy this year showcasing how AI toolsets can be leveraged to revolutionise different industries.

Our mission is simple: we want to challenge misconceptions that AI is either too expensive or simply not relevant to certain organisations.In reality, the only significant barrier preventing companies from embracing AI is their lack of knowledge about this exciting, evolving form of technology.

Importantly, AI is naturally geared to ensure businesses can work smarter, improving their operational efficiency by automating time-consuming and tedious tasks. And SaM is a prime example.

All businesses in the private sector understand the importance of SaM in promoting their products or services to potential customers.After all, the art of generating fresh leads and effectively selling to them is the lifeblood of any company. So, how can we help you sell better?

Fountech has long realised the advantages AI can offer SaM professionals; it can help them to overcome some of the common challenges they face. Scouring spreadsheets, buying data and relying on traditional sales techniques, such as cold calling, is incredibly time-consuming and often delivers limited results. This is where AI comes in: it streamlines the process of building a profile by assessing huge swathes of customer data at granular levels, uncovering hidden patterns in their behaviour, and thereafter churning out quality insights.

The team at Fountech has been hard at work developing an AI product that will completely transform how SaM teams operate. Now, after months of testing and refinement, we are pleased to announce the Beta launch of Prospex!

Prospex is an AI-powered, lead generation tool designed to support the needs of SaM professionals. By crunching masses of data, Prospex identifies the very best new leads for your business – these leads are delivered to your sales and marketing teams on a daily basis. The more you engage with Prospex in accepting, declining and forwarding the leads it provides, the more Prospex will be able to learn what your ideal client looks like. The AI tool uses these insights to refine its search and produce hyper-relevant leads.

Put simply, Prospex delivers important customer insights to sales reps, ensuring they only contact individuals who, based on their profiles, are likely to want your product or service. In doing so, Prospex helps SaM professionals to perform their jobs in a more efficient, effective and personalised way.

To celebrate the Beta launch of Prospex, we invite you see Prospex in action. Go to the Prospex site and register and you can enjoy free access to the Beta version of Prospex (upon verification and approval). Doing so means you will receive up to three relevant leads a day arriving in your inbox!

Alternatively, if you work as part of a large organisation in the UK or US, and would like to know how Prospex could be fully integrated into your SaM department, be sure to enquire about Prospex’s Enterprise Edition. Geared for mid-to-large market companies, the Enterprise Edition is anon-premise solution, that can reside either in your own data-centre or cloud infrastructure, and is custom developed for each business. It ensures unprecedented AI-augmented lead generation, with Prospex’s custom toolset integrated into a company’s existing infrastructure.

 Large or small, every business can benefit from Prospex. Be sure to visit to find out more.