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Advanced Solutions

New AI consultancy Fountech.Solutions launches today

By Fountech Ventures
February 14, 2020

Over the past two years, has established itself as a leading name in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

As well as bringing amazing new AI tools to market, we have also prided ourselves on exploring how this technology can be used to improve society. But as a company we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve – to that end, we have some hugely exciting news to share. is launching three new subsidiary companies: Fountech.Solutions ,Fountech.Ventures and Fountech.Science. This development will clearly define the different services Fountech can provide, ensuring each has its own clear brand, remit and expertise.

Why are we doing this? Simple: while there is a general awareness among organisations today that AI needs be on their radar, precious few business leaders actually understand how they could use AI or how to go about implementing the technology. and its new subsidiary companies will remove these challenges. We will provide the products, advice and consultancy organisations need to realise the immense potential of AI.

And it begins with the launch of Fountech.Solutions!

Unveiling our new AI consultancy

We are delighted to officially unveil Fountech.Solutions – a new AI consultancy.

Fountech.Solutions will provide clients with the advice and guidance they need to create an AI adoption strategy. Led by chief operating officer Ero Georgiades, Fountech.Solutions’ team of experts will use their commercial, scientific and technological expertise to fuel organisations’ growth through AI.

The new company offers an end-to-end range of services for any organisation that is exploring how it can harness AI for competitive advantage. This includes:

•  Audits to identify how an organisation can take full advantage of AI

•  The creation of bespoke AI adoption strategies to guide the client through the entire process

•  The actual development and deployment of tailored AI solutions that meet a client’s specific needs

What’s more, Fountech.Solutions will be launching two other ground-breaking new services.

The first is its AI-POV (Proof of Value), which will enable businesses to quickly and cost-effectively understand how they can benefit from AI adoption.

The second is the iCAIO, or Interim Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer. This is a unique offering; the iCAIO will bolt seamlessly onto a client’s team to create, implement and manage its own custom-made AI strategy.

Ultimately, Fountech.Solutions’ goal is to deliver industry-leading consultancy services to enable organisations of all sizes and in any sector to thrive in the brave new world of AI technology.

For a complete breakdown of Fountech.Solutions services, visit its brand-new website.

Fountech.Ventures – a leading AI incubator

But that’s not all. Over the coming months, we will also be launching Fountech.Ventures – an incubator for high-growth AI businesses in the UK and US.

It is a continuation of the work Fountech has done over the past two years, with several AI businesses already part of the company’s incubator programme. These include Soffos, an AI TutorBot; Prospex, an AI-powered lead generation tool; and Dinabite, a restaurant app built on an AI platform. The launch of Fountech.Ventures sees a clearer distinction now given to the incubator.

Headed by Salvatore Minetti, a team of experienced tech entrepreneurs and experts will support AI startups through the stages of ideation, development, commercialisation and funding. Fountech.Ventures will ensure the brightest AI businesses on both sides of the Atlantic can reach their immense growth potential.

Further developments from Fountech.Ventures will become available very soon. However, if you’re keen to learn more about this exciting new AI incubator now, please get in touch with Salvatore.

Fountech.Science – exploring the full potential of AI

And last but certainly not least, on the horizon in 2020 we have Fountech.Science.

Led by Dr Petros Mina, Fountech.Science will look beyond “Good Old-Fashioned AI”, as well as the somewhat limited areas of neural networks and deep learning, to improve upon and develop novel new methods of utilising this tech.

Fountech.Science will be tasked with exploring how other technologies can be developed to complement AI toolsets, while also enhancing our understanding of how society can benefit from such incredible advancements.

New updates will follow shortly. But again, if you would like to know more about Fountech.Science prior to its official launch later this year, do not hesitate to contact Dr Petros Mina.

One thing’s for sure: 2020 is set to be an extremely exciting year for and its new subsidiary companies. We look forward to sharing further updates on these new ventures over the weeks and months ahead!

In the meantime, make sure you’re kept abreast of all the latest news by signing up to our monthly newsletter.