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Advanced Solutions


By Fountech Ventures
December 16, 2018

Fountech is proud to be working with Soffos – The Artificial Intelligence platform that will allow us to learn in a way that suits everyone as individuals.

Soffos is a cloud-based, artificially intelligent ecosystem designed to help everyone in the entire world to reach their true potential through learning and education.  By harnessing the immense internet connected power of AI, we are building an independent platform to unite potential and existing learners with teachers, mentors and resource providers on a truly global scale.

Soffos’ technology will empower users to step away from the ancient ‘one teacher, one room, one chalkboard’​ method, which can completely disengage some pupils or students. It’s just no longer appropriate in a world where AI can provide learners with so much more; a conduit so hyper-efficient that it will operate in over 200 languages, translating text and voice in real time. Its algorithms will alter the content, presentation, pace and style of information and delivery dependent on each learner’s individual needs.

Imagine a truly international, democratic, meritocratic, open learning system covering any subject imaginable, which enabled absolutely anyone, anywhere, especially those in developing countries, to access at least the basics for free.  The more advanced levels will operate on a ‘pay as you go’ system; because, like any business or institution, people need to be rewarded for their effort. Soffos will use an internal currency called the ‘Soffex’ token, which will be the platform’s trading medium, funding vehicle and ultimately its financial backbone, running on the ‘Blockchain’ operating system.

The Soffos senior team is comprised of technical, commercial, educational and creative specialists who share a vision: a better world through much better learning.

We’re looking for people to get involved. Professional teachers, mentors, investors (via purchase of Soffex), sponsors, technical advisors, content providers and others. You might think you have nothing to impart, but a backstreet stall noodle-seller in Beijing might happen to be an expert cook running evening classes for friends.  ANYONE can teach someone something, the system will quickly promote the good teachers and not feature those less committed or able, through algorithms and feedback. There’s an old expression “If you want to learn more about your specialised interest, try teaching it!”

So please contact Soffos to see how you can teach us a thing or two!  You’ll be shaping the future of learning before you know it.