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Senior team

Lifelong entrepreneur, board advisor and non-executive director with international experience across numerous industries including property, manufacturing, retail, automotive and deep technology. Board Director at, leading AI think-tank, Founder at, AI-powered sales leads intelligently, board advisor to numerous deep tech start-ups.

Salvatore Minetti

Founder & CEO
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Nikolas brings 4 decades of hands-on experience in the field of artificial intelligence innovation, as an entrepreneur, investor, developer, writer and advisor. He bridges the divide that usually exists between entrepreneurs and scientists; this leads to the creation of novel, practical and impactful AI-centric solutions.

Nikolas Kairinos

Founder & Chairman
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Joseph H. McCall has a lifetime of investment experience. A President's Scholar merit recipient at Texas A&M University, he occasionally enjoyed an early career as an oil-field insurance surveyor during the boom of the latter 70's. He found his calling as a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch and Prudential Securities for over 20 years. He acted as a conduit between the firm's analysts and investment bankers and the Austin tech community. During that time he helped found and was Program Chair for the two longest lived technology networking organizations in Austin, TX - Austin Technology Council and Technology Advisors Group. He held a position as Executive Director for the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative, a statewide trade group for the industry. He is an investor in a boutique investment bank in NYC. He is also an investor in International Accelerator in Austin, has been judge and MC at IA pitch events, as well as participating in the investment committee to select candidates to join IA.

He still mows his own lawn and doesn't forget the milk when his wife sends him to the grocery store.

Joseph H. McCall

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Ms. Taylor is a senior level executive with 35 years’ experience inventing new technologies, forming startups, building committed teams and raising funds. She has led advanced development and strategy efforts at organizations from very small start-up companies to multinationals and senior advisory roles at the U.S. Department of State. She has done numerous deals involving licensing, venture capital investing, sales negotiations, identifying market opportunities.  She’s an inventor and multiple patent holder of technology that, among other things, makes your phone smarter.  Ms Taylor has advised dozens of startups in the course of her professional career, helping them with funding strategies, technology planning, and negotiations.

Rebecca Taylor

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Petros works at the interface of mathematics, statistics and AI. He specialises in the development of mathematical and statistical models, especially in the context of Big Data. He understands and deconstructs the complexities of leading-edge technologies to create solutions to contemporary problems.

Dr. Petros Mina

Chief Scientific Officer
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core team

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Not an incubator


A home for your
deep tech AI startup

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To lovingly house, intelligently invest and rapidly grow the deep tech AI startups of the future.

You have a fully formed idea - you are going to solve a really gnarly problem with global market potential by using highly innovative deep technology. The next stage 'Now what do I do?' is why we created Fountech Ventures - to invest and hot-house in the deep tech AI startups of the future.

Having spun-out from, where theoretical research and the commercialization of artificial intelligence ideas has been our thing for longer than most - we embrace startups that deploy artificial intelligence at its core or when used as a key enabler within associated technologies like robotics, quantum computing, AR, VR, IOT and blockchain.

Our model is surprisingly simple and enormously effective - we select a handful of deep tech AI startups every six months from all over the globe and deploy our in-house scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors to help them further develop the tech and build-out the commercial model.

Having the in-house capability to set the technology bar very high, we start with a small number of the best-of-the best in deep tech AI, which we follow with a heavy investment in time, resources, skills, knowledge and cash for up to a 36 month period. Regardless of where they came from, all our startups launch via our Austin, (Tx) base, cutting their teeth in the most competitive environment there is, the US market.

Thinking incubator? Don't! We are far more than an incubator or an accelerator or an investor. We are all three, and then some.

We are Fountech Ventures and ready to talk to founders and investors.  

Portfolio companies

AI delivered insurance

Using AI to revitalise the world of insurance.

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Learning from the future, today
SaaS AI-powered one-to-one learning

SaaS AI-powered one-to-one learning

> Visit project site

Sales leads Intelligently
SaaS AI-powered lead generation

SaaS AI-powered lead generation

> Visit project site

Restaurant Marketing Automation
SaaS AI-powered marketing and analytics

SaaS AI-powered marketing and analytics

> Visit project site

Board Meeting Robo Advisor
SaaS AI-powered one-to-one learning

SaaS AI-powered one-to-one learning

> Visit project site

Taking the hassle out of organising sport
AI powered virtual teammate.

SaaS AI-powered one-to-one learning

> Visit project site

Creative design engine for fashion & apparel
AI powered virtual teammate.

SaaS AI-powered one-to-one learning

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These are the portfolio companies we are launching with. Each is a deep tech AI startup with a strong proposition, ready to take on the world!

Keep up-to-date on launches and funding rounds over the coming weeks and months.

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In-Cubed Program

In-Cubed™ is our unique, deep tech AI founder-specific program. Under design by us and based on our first portfolio company’s technology, Soffos. Launch is planned for Q3 2020 and the program will provide founders and their teams with technical and commercial knowledge transfer over a 12, 24 or 36 month period.

Its design carefully blends all the key ingredients for startup success; technical and commercial know-how, connections, guidance and strategic investment. We anticipate our first portfolio companies will assist in refining the model and the platform.

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We are based in Austin, Texas with a satellite office in London.

As the US launchpad, Austin is already home to tech giants like Dell, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Oracle, alongside a fast-growing number of tech startups and scaleups. With a Metro population of 2.1 milllion, a rapidly growing tech workforce and a world class flagship research institution in the University of Texas at Austin, access to talent is not the challenge faced by other tech hubs.

Austin also regularly ranks highly in the 'Best Place to...' listings while offering a lower relative cost of living to competing cities. (Just don't try telling anyone who has been living here for a long time how cheap everything is...)

We are in the process of securing a co-working space to provide a focused yet relaxed environment of collaborative working for all of our founders. It will enable us to host events and training workshops to enhance and grow the capabilities of all our companies team members.

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For Investors

Not a VC.  Fountech Ventures adheres to a holding company model. We look to grow our portfolio companies beyond the usual constraints of a VC fund.  

Similar to both angels and VCs, we like to have skin in the game at every stage starting at pre-seed and all the way through to Series B.  This gives our portfolio the space and freedom to focus on growing their businesses rather than making endless pitches.

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Is this you?

You are looking to address huge problems by using deep tech AI solutions in radical, yet pragmatic ways

Your deep tech AI is centered in Artificial Intelligence applied to any industry

You are early stage, with a fully formed idea and possibly an early build of the tech

You are determined to have an impact and drive significant change

You want to make a positive difference and build a better future

If this is you, you'll need to find a creative way to get our attention as we don't take direct approaches...

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In-Cubed Program and how we deliver

In-Cubed™ is designed by us and specifically aimed at the founders of deep tech AI startups. It carefully blends all the key ingredients for startup success; technical and commercial know-how, connections, guidance and strategic investment.

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Commercials & Legals

Not fun, but essential

In-Cubed on-boarding

Ongoing learning & development / Building-out commercial model / Exploring partnerships / Mentoring & Guidance

Pre-Seed Investment

Our faith in you realized

PoC Launch

Test ideas & assumptions

Seed Investment

You're on your way

MVP Launch

Test the market, unit metrics secured

Series A Investment

It's getting really serious now

V1.0 Launch

It works, the market loves you

Series B Investment

Time for global domination

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Our Team

Our team is a rare beast. We are scientists, we are software engineers, we are academics and we are tech entrepreneurs.

We are a passionate bunch that are keen to see the next generation of innovators and game-changers come to life. Being founders from various backgrounds ourselves , we also know having a world-view, an open-mind and being inclusive builds better teams, so think of us as your team.

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